So who says you have to have decades of experience before you can cook incredible bbq??  Not me, for dang sure!

Yesterday, I got busy in the kitchen prepping some items for tomorrow’s meal.  I asked my 16 yo DS for a bunch of help getting dinner for the evening ready…..porterhouse steaks on the grill, done with reverse searing.  OK, remember, he’s 16.  He’s got tons more exciting stuff to do, like XBox and iPad, right?  He grudgingly agreed to help until he realized he’d be the one lighting the chimney with briquets and charcoal!  He could make FIRE with Dad’s permission!  Way cool!  His attitude immediately got better!  LOL

Anywho, he got 1/2 a large chimney of mixed briquets and charcoal going and dumped out into the WS, then pushed the coals all to one side for indirect cooking.  I’d marinated a couple of porterhouse steaks for 2 days in Italian dressing.  He took them and put them on the cool side for 10 minutes on each side.  They ended up looking like this:  Image

We added more coals and briquets to the fire and let them get screaming hot.  When they were all glowing, he put them on the hot side for about 3 minutes per side, then took them off.  We brought them inside, let rest for about 5 minutes while he got the boiled ‘taters and microwaved corn on the cob ready (got a crazy easy way to fix fresh corn on the cob!  I’ll post the recipe later when I get my Recipe section set up).  Then I sliced them and we ate very well.  Yep, they were outstanding…..and cooked by a 16 yo young man.  🙂

The finished porterhouses looked like this:  Image

I wish my camera was a little better so ya’ll could see the pink in the center.  Perfect medium.  He done good!

Oh, btw, he cooked these for Sweetie and my 13 anniversary which was today (Tuesday)  🙂