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Yesterday, May 28, 2013, was Sweetie, Bunny and my 13 anniversary….8th year that Sweetie and I have been married.  🙂

I’d been looking for a few little cooking tools around our little SE NM town, but wasn’t having much luck finding them.  We had one very small cooking specialty store downtown, but it closed a month or so ago.  Bummer!

It just so happened that Bunny has been having problems with his wisdom teeth, so yesterday, Sweetie and Bunny headed over to El Paso, TX to get the problem dealt with.  It was a successful trip for the wisdom teeth removal.  Whew!

What I didn’t know, however, was that Sweetie stopped in at a specialty cooking store there and brought back the cooking goodies I hadn’t been able to find here….plus a couple of extras.  What a gal!

OK, so ya want to know what the goodies were?  Pretty simple, actually.  A heavy wire mesh basket good for veggies and shrimp and stuff on the bbq, a tapered rolling pin for rolling out pizza crusts (which I’m gonna cook on the Kettle Pizza unit) and 2 bottles of specialty bbq sauce that the clerks said if I didn’t like, they’d refund the $$ for them.  🙂  Way to go, Sweetie!  Thanks tons!

Now, we’ll give Bunny a couple of weeks to let his jaws heal (the oral surgeon removed all 4 wisdom teeth) and we’ll fire up the old WS and see what comes out of it.


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