Every once in a while, what seems to be a great idea turns out not so great.  😦

For weeks I’ve been plotting and planning on taking a really nice roast and putting it on the rotisserie and cooking it that way.  I’ve thought of how to season it, how to wrap it so it’s round and will cook evenly, how to this and how to that.  Today I figured a nice 3 lb ribeye roast on the rotisserie using the Smokenator 1000 and the IQ110 would be outstanding.  Last night, I seasoned the roast and today I wrapped it in string so it was round and stuck it on the spit and put it in the Weber Silver at 300 degrees using the IQ110 to keep the temperature in line.  I used a little bit of hickory wood and a little bit of mesquite wood for some smoke flavor.

2 1/2 hours later, the roast was done.  I took it inside, let it rest and sliced it.  We had some wild rice beef flavored and some caramelized fennel to go with it that was pretty darn good.

First thing I noticed was the drippings/gravy was pretty yucky.  Too spicy and way too weak.  Fortunately I hadn’t added it to the roast.  Then I tried the roast.  The fatty part was pretty bad.  Too much of something and not enough of something else.  I’m  not exactly sure what, but it was not very good.  The heart of the roast was better, but was still nowhere near what I was hoping.

It was edible, but definitely NOT one of my better dishes.  I won’t be fixing that again.

Ribeyes is for STEAKS on the grill!  Roasts are for the oven.  😦