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OK, no pics today, just a thought or 3.

Sweetie and I went over to a friend’s place on Saturday evening.  He was having a little get-together and was going to do burgers and hot dogs.  When it was time to get started, he brought out a frozen package of pre-prepared hamburger patties…..the name is kinda like what you’d call a “good ol’ boy” and can be found at Wallyworld…sprinkled them with some generic off-the-shelf grill seasoning (remember, they are still frozen!), fired up his gas grill (yep, gas NOT charcoal!), let it go for about 5 minutes, then  put the burgers on, still frozen.  He closed the top, gave it about 8 or 9 minutes, took a peek at them, waited until the juice started flowing out of the top, then turned them over.  About this time, he put on some hot dogs fresh from the ice box on the cold side of the grill.  After the burgers started oozing juice on the second side, he waited until the juice turned mostly clear, put on the buns to warm for a whopping 3 minutes, turned the hot dogs once, then took everything off, served burgers and buns, hot dogs and buns, some nice cheese, a slice or 3 of tomato, mayo and mustard, catsup, a little salt and pepper and some relish for the hot dogs.  From start to finish, he was done cooking and preparing in about 20 minutes tops!  Geez!!  Tasty??  Yes indeedy!!  Sides were potato chips and potato salad.  Sheesh!  It was freakin’ DELICIOUS!!!!

I’ve been grinding my own special blend of meats to make my hamburger, then seasoning it up and letting it sit for 24 hours, getting my fire juuuuuuuuuuuust right, doing a reverse sear, warming the buns so they are almost, but not quite, toasted, making some homemade sauce for the burgers, slicing tomatoes, lettuce, onions, using special jalapeno cheese, and serving up the burgers and hot dogs (hot dogs come from the package, let it warm to room temp, turn every 2 minutes for about 20 minutes total cooking time for the hot dogs) with all homemade ‘tater salad, deviled eggs, bbq baked beans, and maybe a nice dessert like my home made pecan pie or lemon meringue pie.  It takes me a total of about 2 full days to do it “right”.  And it took him 20 minutes.  20 MINUTES!!

I hate to say it, but his burgers and hot dogs were darn near as good as my 2 day prep burgers.  😦  Major wake-up call, though!

Is his way better?  It for sure is quicker!  Is it easier?   Darn tootin’!  Will I give it a try?  With the exception of using my Weber Silver instead of a gas grill, you’re darn right I’m gonna give it a try!  In fact, on the way home, Sweetie and I stopped off and got a couple of packages of the “good ol’ boy” (remember, this is a kind of nickname for the real name since I don’t have permission to use it on my blog) ready to cook burgers!

Yep, I’m thinking I may be overthinking this bbq thang.