Sometimes  “Real Life” (you know, the stuff you do daily that brings in the $$ so you can do what you really want to do!) just gets in the way.  That’s what’s been happening with me.

First, trips for work, then weekend trips with Sweetie for pleasure, then more work, then another trip to visit my Bro and his family in Tucson, AZ and our 90 year old Mom who lives with him (he’s “Da Man” for getting her over to his place!  He and his wife and family treat her like a queen.  Thanks, Bro!!  Hi, Mom!  *waving*  LOL) and now back to work.  Sheesh, where has the time gone?

No time for bbq, so I’ve decided I’d start a page on some of the neat places I’ve been and great restaurants I’ve dined at.  That’ll be on a separate page, coming soon.

Take care, ya’ll!