I’m a young 60-something guy,  married and a dad (ok, step-dad if you want to be picky LOL) for going on 13 years now, born and raised in da swamps of SW LA.  Yep, a tried and true Cajun!  🙂  I’ve lived in a good portion of our wonderful USA and visited and worked in even more.  I’m employed as a “Technical Expert” at a nuclear waste repository in SE NM.  I enjoy a whole bunch of activities, metal detecting and gold prospecting, traveling, shooting, reading, computering, a bunch more, but most of all, I LOVE COOKING!!  ALL KINDS OF COOKING!  And I do a pretty darn good job at it according to my wife and son.  🙂

The style of cooking that’s stayed with me throughout the years is bar-b-que (or bbq).  Pork, beef, chicken, seafood, veggies, fruits, you name it, I’ve cooked it.  OK, so no possum or ‘coon or exotic meats.  I pretty much stick to domestic foods that are readily available at your local supermarket.

We don’t eat out much.  Heck, we very seldom eat out!  Why go spend $50 or more for a meal that’ll feed us 3 when, for $15, and a little time, I can cook up a meal that’ll feed us not just one meal, but have leftovers for lunch the next day and midnight snacks for a day or so?    And contrary to some’ folks’ beliefs, bar-b-que is just as good the next day and I don’t consider them to be “serving leftovers.”

OK, enough for here.

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