Other “Stuff”

Among my other hobbies and stuff I like to do in my spare time is metal detecting.  I have a rather nice Minelab 705 detector (or “beeper”) that I’ve used for almost 2 years now.  I’ve been metal detecting for almost 10 years now.

Today I got out about 10AM to what is now an empty lot on a somewhat busy street here in town.  The last time I saw it (last week), it had a stone house on it that looked abandoned.  I’ve had my eye on this place for over a year now, and when I saw the empty lot yesterday on my way home, I knew I just had to get out there ASAP!

I dug a couple of modern pennies first, then got a pretty good signal that usually means a dime, a pre-1982 copper penny or maybe even a wheat penny.  I dug it up and took a look at it.  It was way smaller than a penny.  I could only make out the word Mexico and the number 5, so I figured it was a Mexican 5 centavo coin.  Cool!  I kept on beeping and ended up hot and sweaty about 11:30, and had found a quarter, a couple of dimes and some regular pennies.  I also had a couple of jackpot finds….two wheat pennies, a 1954D and a 1949D.  It’s always a good day when I find wheaties.  🙂

I got home, had a glass of cold water, then started looking at my 5 centavo coin.  I washed it off, gave it a little scrub with a brush and took a look at it under my loupe.  Hey, wait one darn minute!  Why does a Mexican coin have English writing?  And what the heck is a “Tax Token”??  It turns out I found a 1935 New Mexico 5 Mills School Purchase tax toke!.  🙂  Too cool!  I looked it up on Google and got a bit of history behind it and found a couple for sale on ebay for $10 and $25.  WOWZERS!  This definitely goes into my cool finds box.

This isn’t the most valuable of my finds but it is one of the more unique ones.  All in all, not bad for an hour out in the 97 degree heat.  🙂

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